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What is Crowdadvance?

Crowdadvance is an online platform that matches investors and businesses in need of capital.  

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Harness the power of the crowd.

  • Apply and qualify in minutes

  • To qualify for financing your business needs to be at least a year old and have annual revenues above $100k.


Apply today and have funds wired to you within 48 hours upon approval. Use funds to hire more staff, purchase equipment, expand to another location, acquire a competitor.

Simple Process

Apply online in minutes from anywhere.

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Affordable Rates

Borrow money from PRIVATE investors at flexible affordable rates.

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Flexible Funds

Once approved receive funds within 48 hours.

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Hundreds of Investors

Harness the power of the crowd and get great rates on your capital.

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Get a growth partner that will assist your team on ongoing basis.

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Get great customer support quickly with an experienced support staff member.

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A smart and secure way to invest your capital

Invest in private companies and unlock monthly passive income.

How it works


Businesses Supported

Get flexible terms from private investors.


Invested Nationwide

Invest securely in growing companies.


Here’s what you get when you invest with Crowdadvance

Alternative lending has emerged as a
mainstream financing option for businesses. According to a study by the 12 U.S. Federal Reserve Banks, approximately 24 percent of small business loan applications were processed by online lenders in 2017. Now you can participate in this growing asset class through Crowdadvance.

Solving the problem of affordable growth capital.

Alternative lenders like Crowdadvance have
disrupted the small business loan marketplace by providing easier access to working capital. Alternative lending is a completely new way of approaching the lending process to change the customer experience.

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